Building Inspiring Spaces

Final Phase Construction, inc. insists on a client-oriented approach to each assignment and provides professional expertise and attention at each stage of construction. With Final Phase you are in a great position to make the best decisions possible from very early on in the construction process. This ultimately helps you avoid the extra costs and complications associated with later changes to the work.

Over many years, we’ve accumulated enough expertise and good professional staff to manage any project under almost any circumstances.

Meet Our Team

Final Phase Construction, Inc. employees are the backbone of our company. Our people are some of the most dedicated, knowledgeable, and innovative individuals working in the industry today. We pride ourselves in having talented employees with a passion for construction to join our team.

Final Phase Construction, Inc. is a family-owned firm, centered on relationships. Our focus on building partnerships is as true for our employees as it is for our clients.

We value the contributions of each employee and are committed to ensuring that they have fulfilling careers and can take pride in their work. We believe that we provide a uniquely rewarding work experience as evidenced by our low employee turnover rate.

Perhaps the best way to convey what makes Final Phase Construction, Inc. a unique place to work is in the sentiments of the people who work here.

Robert Rivas
Robert RivasPresident
Julia Rivas
Julia RivasController
Raymond Spiess
Raymond SpiessConsultant
Danny Paone
Danny PaoneGeneral Foreman
Will Macias
Will MaciasSr. Project Manager
Cristian Vega
Cristian VegaEstimating Manager
Sarah Vega
Sarah VegaProject Manager/Estimating
Cindy Avila
Cindy AvilaEstimator
Adrian Macias
Adrian MaciasShop Foreman
Kristin Rivas
Kristin RivasAdministrative Assistant
Marcia Watterson
Marcia WattersonContract Administrator
Robert Rivas
Robert RivasCNC Programmer
Tony Estrella
Tony EstrellaShop Foreman
Lauren Shibuya
Lauren ShibuyaProject Coordinator
Brett Wicker
Brett WickerMillwork Project Manager
Gabriel Torres
Gabriel TorresEstimator